So another year,another Halloween is coming up!!! Have you thought what are you going to be? Surely,you can find some inspirations from our collection of black and orange dresses,what would you say?

From left to right: 47605,47621, Q4109, 47549,47631

Be scarily beautiful this Halloween season!!!


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nice photo

Classic one-shoulder Fall/Holiday 2013 style 47541 in Navy is sure to turn heads especially as you walk away. Check out our most stunning “back” of the year! You will almost be tempted to walk in to the room backwards!

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It’s all about Plum!


Fall being here,we tend to like darker colors but still we don’t want to wear all black all the time right? So there you go,plum is a color that gives you the feeling you are being colorful,yet still not a summer vibe a fuchsia can give you. We all love it,so the styles we have in Plum could be a perfect addition to your Fall closet and you have choices to wear long sleeve or sleeveless and still be sophisticated in a short style!

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Not only Music can have a Platinum Hit, so can we!

Checkout our bestseller Platinum Hits!



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SCALA and BG HAUTE will be in the ” Windy City” this weekend!

We are so excited to attend the National Bridal Market in Chicago after we had such a great success in Atlanta,we are anxious to see all of you there and show you our Prom 2014 Collections for SCALA and BG Haute which look amazing!!

See you there!

chicago 3

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We are so excited about our beautiful PROM 14 Collection of SCALA and BG HAUTE that we wanted to show you a little sneak peak from the awesome shoot in Slickforcestudio by popular photographer Nick Saglimbeni who recently shot the Jenner sisters and other celebrities which is why we left our catalog shoot in his hands and we can’t wait to share it with you as well! So be patient!

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Do you “BLUSH”?

For the girl that doesn’t “BLUSH” so easily!

SCALA 47609 blush

Don’t we all love those little cute girls that being told they are so beautiful they start blushing and you know they are so shy but it makes it even cuter this way? It could totally make you feel good you gave a compliment. After all being timid is not so bad because it’s being associated with being modest and not always wanting to brag about your positive qualities or not enough people have told them to you. Anyways, be prepared, because after wearing SCALA 47609 in Blush you will be slammed with compliments, so no blushing but accept them and be pretty!

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Wear the hottest color of the season – Black/Nude!

NAVY NUDE coverccc

Summer is over and you are getting ready for Fall already so why not choose something classy,elegant and chic for your event? What’s better than the always fashionable black with combination of contrasting nude color!

Have you seen these amazing styles 47577,47624,47575 and 47622? All in Black/nude,so fabulous,just like you!

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Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day?

Whoever made up the saying you can’t wear white after Labor Day doesn’t apply to us!! Because you can always wear a SCALA white dress,even after Labor Day!

Shop the very best short white dresses in the market!


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Long sleeve shorts? Yes,please!

Don’t you just love long sleeved short dresses? Because we do! You will definitely turn heads wearing 47618 Brown Teal. Fully sequined  and a V-neck, this dress gives a great contrast with its color combinations, and will make you shine in your night!


Why not combine it with those awesome teal/gold french nails and you will have a perfect look!

crazy french manicure

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