Cocktail Dresses

Size Matters when ordering Cocktail Dresses

Whether you are shopping in a brick and mortar store or online for cocktail dresses, the one thing that you need to remember is that these dresses are typically one size smaller than the label states. Keeping this in mind will make it much easier to go shopping and not end up being stressed out or disappointed when the dress that is the “right” size does not fit.

If you are ordering your cocktail dresses online, you will find that most retailers have a sizing chart posted to help you with ordering the right size in the first place. Take your time and make sure that you fully understand how their designers sizing works. At SCALA we have a complete sizing chart that has been carefully designed to make ordering the right size as simple as if you were actually able to try on the dress before you order it.

Scala USA has been designing evening wear for over 25 years and is a proud sponsor of Miss Universe, Miss Teen USA and Miss USA.


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