Evening Dresses

Hemlines are Getting Shorter on Modern Evening Dresses

Over the decades traditional evening dresses tended to be long and very formal dresses that were far more elegant than they were comfortable to wear. However as time marched on, like many other fashions, the style of the evening dress has changed. Today it is just as acceptable for an evening dress to be mid-calf length or maybe even a little shorter if you are feeling a little flirtatious.

Today you will find that evening dresses are available from Scala USA in bold, bring patterns as well as many more demur tones to suit just about any particular occasion. Our dresses are not cut to hide your figure, instead our modern evening dress is far more likely to be cut to show off your figure and just enough skin to be risqué without getting carried away. Many of today’s long dresses are often slit halfway up the thigh for that sexy look that make you look your hottest.


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