Prom Dresses

Can Evening Dresses Be Substituted For Prom Dresses?

Your senior prom is the most important night of your young life, at least until the day you get married. The last thing you want is to be caught wearing the wrong kind of dress for the evening. Fortunately, times and standards have changed to the point where almost anything goes these days. Traditionally speaking, prom dresses have always been a form of evening dress.

Most girls spend hours poring over pictures of prom dresses trying to decide which one is right for them and never stop to realize that they can also look at the different evening gowns that are available. This means that if you are among this group, you could be missing out on a completely different look and end up settling for the same thing that all of the other girls are wearing for this magical night.

At Scala USA we carry a full selection of both prom dresses and evening dresses for you to choose from for your prom.


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