You Are Not Going to Find the Best Fitting Cocktail Dresses in Your Local Boutiques

Chances are good that you have gone into your local fashion boutique on more than one occasion and found that not only is their selection of cocktail dresses dull and boring, but for one reason or another, none of the seem to fit just right. This is actually a very common problem and one that a large percentage of all women seem to have to deal with.

The reason for this is that most boutiques tend to carry all of their cocktail dresses in what are referred to in the industry as “average fit” sizes. Thus if the dress is marked as a size 6 dress, it is cut to fit the “ideal” size 6 woman and makes no allowances for the fact she might have a larger or smaller bust or perhaps a longer body. At Scala USA we have a custom size chart that is designed to help you find cocktail dresses that are going to fit you perfectly no matter what size and shape your body is.


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