Your Local Stores May Not Have the Best Fitting Cocktail Dresses

Have you ever been in your local dress shops and not only found that their selection of cocktail dresses to be far less than appealing and definitely not what you are looking for, but that none of them seem to fit right?  This is a very common problem one that many women seem to have to deal with. However, just because it is a common problem does not make it right.

Most Stores Carry Average Fit Cocktail Dresses

Most women’s clothing stores carry cocktail dresses in what are considered to be average fit sizes. What this means is that a size 8 dress is made to fit the average size 8 woman and does not take into account the fact that she might have a larger or small bust than the “average size 8″ person. We have developed a custom sizing chart that you can use to help you find cocktail dresses that will fit you perfectly no matter what size and shape your body is.


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